Review of Large TableTop Quad Guillotine and V Cut Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter is the device that is designed to cut one end off a cigar in order to enable the smoker to smoke the cigaramazonbutton properly. Some cigars are available with proper cuts on both ends or they are twirled at both ends, but in most of the cases the cigars have one end with a straight cut and the other end consists of a cap that needs to be cut off before smoking. All high quality cigars are handmade and regardless of the shape, they have a cap at one end.

These caps are usually one or more pieces of wrapper that is pasted at the end of the cigar with the help of natural tobacco paste or with a simple mixture of flour and water. The capped end of the cigar is rounded and the tobacco is not exposed. This end needs to be cut before smoking. It may seem that this capped end can be easily cut with the help of a knife, but it is not that easy and simple. If the cut is not made with care, the end of the cigar may become jagged and the end will not burn properly and some amount of tobacco will be wasted.

There are three basic types of cigar cutters available. The guillotine cutter, the punch cutter and the V cut cutter. The guillotine cutter often comes with double blade and is much preferred by passionate cigar smokers as it provides with cleaner cuts as compared to the single blade device.

If you are passionate about cigars, it is obvious that you will look for a cutter that can provide you with more features and are of great quality. Here is one such cigar cutter by CigarExtras that will provide you with what you are looking for.

Top Features of the Quad Guillotine & V Cut Cigar Cutter

The Guillotine & V Cut Cigar Cutter is a unique cigar cutter that is the combination of the two types of cutters. One is the guillotine or the straight cut cutter, which is the most common type and it is used for the cigars having smaller ring gauge. This type of cutter makes a quick and straight cut and makes both the ends of the cigar exposed. The other one is the V cut cutter, which looks like the guillotine cutter but actually makes a wedge like cut in the cigar cap instead of removing the cap completely. This type of cutter penetrates deep into the tobacco as compared to the straight cutter. It is best suited for the cigars with thicker gauge. The cheap V cutters however give sloppy cuts and finally results in uneven burning of the cigar, but the cutter in this device is of high quality and provides with smooth cuts.

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For a standard guillotine cut with the dual action options, elect for the Bey Berk Stainless Steel option.

The device is built of heavy cast aluminium and has four holes to cut the cigars. There are two guillotine cutters and two V cutters (each in 54 size gauge and extra large size) to fit the smaller as well as bigger ring size of the cigars. The levers are detachable and they cut the cigars with simple downward push. There is a removable door at the bottom of the unit to remove the clippings of the cigars.  The table top cutter measures 4.25”X6”X3.5”.

This cutter is extremely durable and the blades hardly need to be replaced or repaired, even when it is used in cigar shops. It is really sturdy and very easy to clean. The stainless steel body of the device makes the cutter damage proof. The classy look of the cutter is very popular among users and every cigar smoker wants to own this particular cutter. The real trouble is that the cutter is not readily available in the market and in most of the cigar shops you will find “in use” cutter which are not for sale. This cutter is on the expensive side but with an abundance of features and an easy-to-use lever, you can’t go wrong.