Review of Cuban Crafters Cigar Cutter Perfecto

Preparing to enjoy a really good cigar can be a bit frustrating without the right accessories. Gone are the days whenamazonbutton you would be otherwise forced to bite off the head of your cigar before you could light it up!  Thanks to the manufacturers of cigar cutters, you can now sit down and relax, with a great and superior tasting cigar, without the hassle and the mess of removing the head. But, before anything else, you would want to ensure that your cigar cutter can really do the job of producing a decent cut that is good enough, without sacrificing too much of your cigar.

The solution to all of the worries has been provided by Cuban Crafters. These manufacturers have spent a great deal of time and research in order to develop what is now considered by hundreds of satisfied customers as the best cigar cutter of all time. Naturally, one may wonder, “What makes Cuban Crafters cigar cutter so unique?” The answer to this lies in the unique design and the vast number of features that can be explored in a single Stainless Steel Perfecto Cigar Cutter.

Evaluating the Qualities of the Perfecto Cuban Crafters Cigar Cutter

The Cuban Crafters Perfecto Cigar Cutter is crafted with precision to ensure that just the right amount of tobacco is cut from the head of the cigar. This feature is of extreme importance, since it helps to maintain overall consistency of cigar length, and does not “rob” you of a good smoke. This precision is guaranteed by the presence of a calibrated chamber into which the cigar head is inserted.

At the same time, the chamber serves as a storage compartment for the cut-off tobacco, allowing you to dispose of the same on opening the cutter. For cigar smokers, this feature is a big deal because, unlike other cigar cutter models, the Perfecto cutter prevents the cut-off tobacco from flying off in any direction like a champagne cork!

The double blade on the Cuban Crafters cigar cutter is crafted from surgical grade stainless steel that boosts its durability and performance and prevents the development of rust. In addition to this feature, the blades are designed to sharpen themselves with use, thereby creating a sharp and neat cut with every initial attempt. The chamber opening and the double blade are designed to accommodate cigar ring gauges of up to 54.

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This simply means that whether your cigar is small, average sized or large, the Cuban Crafters cigar cutter will do the job for you.  As we all know, cigars come in various shapes; we may be quite familiar with the figurado and the torpedo shaped cigars that may offer a bit more difficulty for cutting – well, guess what? Cuban Crafters got these covered too; the calibrated chamber is designed to accommodate these cigar heads and to ensure that they are neatly cut.

The overall body of the cigar cutter is made with brushed stainless steel guaranteeing robustness and durability. The Cuban Crafters cigar cutter ships in an attractively packed box and makes an ideal accessory gift for cigar connoisseurs. With so many features built into a 2.4 ounces cigar cutter, anyone would expect the price tag to soar high. On the contrary, this product sells at a very modest price range.

Added to its low cost and for a limited time only, this cigar cutter is listed at a discounted price, giving all customers the chance to sample quality for less. Be sure to take full advantage of this exceptional pricing because you never know when they’ll be snatched up for good. You really don’t want to miss out on this one. We’d put this up against the Xikar cutters any day of the week.