Review of Colibri V-Cut Cutter

The Colibri cigar cutter is a uniquely designed to create the perfect cut on the virtually any cigar head. Although the amazonbuttonV-cut style has been around for a while, lately they have gained serious popularity. The V cigar cutter is widely known for its efficiency and reliability, since it delivers a single sharp cut with very little effort. The cutter carves a clean vertical wedge into the head of your cigar, providing sufficient size for enjoying a decent draw. There are quite a few features that make the Colibri cigar cutter stand out among other regular cigar cutters out there. Let’s look.

Features of the Colibri Cigar V-Cutter

The following are a few aspects that ensure customers prefer this V cigar cutter over others in its class:

  • Spring loaded release

The Colibri cigar cutter features an amazing inbuilt spring loaded release mechanism that facilitates ease of cigar head removal following a sharp incision in the tobacco. This ergonomic design makes it easier to separate the wedge from the rest of the cigar without ruining it. In addition, this detail adds a touch of automation and luxury to the cutter that will turn heads with every use. This particular feature is perfect for cigar enthusiasts who prefer a contemporary cutter that would do a good job, while creating a great impression.

  •  Superior finish

More than just the looks, a good cutter must be able to withstand the constant wear and tear of preparing a cigar for smoking. The Colibri V cutter sports a very durable body that will maintain its dimensions without bending or breaking. Customers can safely apply the necessary “squeezing” force knowing that the V cigar cutter will not give in while under stress.

  • Top quality blades

Surgical grade stainless steel blades are undeniably some of the best blades that money can buy. Thanks to the manufacturers of the Colibri cutter, customers can rely on the cutting effect of its stainless steel blades. Not to mention, these blades are known for being rust free, and their overall design allows them to maintain their shine and sharpness. You can expect these blades to work for you for a pretty long time. Another top notch stainless steel model is the guillotine cigar cutter by Bey Berk. Not exactly a V-cutter, but an excellent choice nonetheless.

  • Large cigar head opening

The Colibri V cutter accommodates virtually any type and size of cigar, making it ideal for all cigar connoisseurs and enthusiasts. This cutter supports up to 60+ ring gauge cigars, as well as other special cigar heads such as the torpedo. Having a decent cigar cutter that coincides fully with the label of “one size fits all” is nothing short of perfection!

  • Characteristic V-cut

As mentioned earlier, the V-cut is actually a wedge of tobacco that is removed from the top without altering the overall shape of the head. This feature is guaranteed by the presence of an angle that is established between both blades of the cutter. This V-cut allows for minimal tobacco removal and loss, while providing a relatively smooth cigar head for maximum smoking pleasure. In addition to this, the inward style of the wedge prevents loose tobacco ends from undesirably entering your mouth and at the same time, creates enough room for taking a good draw confidently.

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  • Other Amenities

The V cigar cutter is backed by a two – year seal of warranty. This amazing offer gives us an idea as to the level of confidence that the manufacturers of this state of the art product attribute to its durability. Cigar enthusiast can safely use their V cutter, knowing that it will not fall apart on them. Another big amenity is that the Colibri V-cut cigar cutter comes readily available with its own gift box. This makes it easier to surprise a fellow colleague with the gift of a life time. The price range of the Colibri cigar cutter is extremely reasonable, given its multiple features and benefits. This is definitely an offer that you would not want to miss out on.

Additionally, this cutter doesn’t just come in one color. Nope. You can elect to get this in red, blue, chrome, gold and more outstanding colors to match your preference.