Palio Cigar Cutter Review

All serious cigar smokers know the importance of having the best cigar cutter they can find and afford as cigars need amazonbuttonto be prepared in such a way in order to be enjoyed to its fullest. And this is especially true for the finest brands and varieties of cigars as a precise cut will ensure that none of its tobacco fillings are loosened up and wasted in the process of cutting. An accurate cut also results in even burning which is one of the main attributes that can make smoking a cigar truly enjoyable and pleasing. Furthermore, the whole process of cutting a cigar shouldn’t be awkward and uncomfortable on one’s hand.

Taking all the aforementioned conditions into consideration, cigar connoisseurs ought to seriously look into the Palio cigar cutter which is one of the highly rated products today. This model is not only stylishly designed to impress the user and one’s companions and friends, but it is also very useful in allowing a cigar smoker to enjoy each and every smoke throughout the day.

You can use this model of guillotine cigar cutter from Palio again and again confidently as it is designed for heavy and repeated use. And anyone who has owned a variety of cigar cutters is well aware of the fact that we can’t say that about every product on the market, especially those that are cheaply made. We also know how disappointing and annoying it is to fumble with a cutter that’s equipped with blunt blades and uncomfortable handle. In fact, it can be considered a waste of money to purchase this type of cigar accessory if you can only use it for a while.

Top Features of the Palio Cigar Cutter

True to its reputation, this model of cigar cutter from Palio is not only useful but presentable too. It comes with a 2-blade design which offers a cleaner cut when compared to the 1-blade models; and the blades are made from sharp and durable surgical steel. In order to use it, you only need to squeeze on it briefly to remove the cigar’s cap accurately.

And since it is ergonomically designed, it’s easy on the hand and easy to control too. It won’t mess up your precious cigar or let the filling loose which can be experienced from cigar cutters with blunt blades and inefficient designs. The cigar can therefore be smoked properly as a precise cut also means even burning.

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This Palio Cigar Cutter also has a large opening slot; so you can also use it for cigars that carry 60 size rings. So as you can see, you can depend on this one device for a variety of cigars. And as for its appearance, it looks quite sophisticated; so not only new cigar smokers can be proud of it, but cigar aficionados will be glad to add it to their collection of cigar accessories as well.

Presented in different types of finishes, you can choose the one that’s most suitable to your style and personality. Those that come in carbon fiber design and wood grain finishes definitely look good; but note that said designs can begin to wear off after constant use, as experienced by some users. It is therefore more practical to own the model with the basic black hard plastic design as it proves to be the most durable in the long run.

It is not surprising that this device is considered to be the more advanced cigar cutters by a lot of cigar connoisseurs. Best used on round types of cigars and for straight cutting such cigars, it will always be a reliable companion to cigar smokers.

If you are particular about warranties, the Palio Company can also be depended on as far as accommodating their customers. Authorized Palio product dealers entertain replacement of defective units as long as these are within the bounds of the existing contract.

Typically priced under $45, cigar fanatics will surely find this product to be a worthwhile investment. The Palio Cigar Cutter even works as a cigar stand when placed on a flat and smooth surface; so its dual-purpose design is an added bonus. A similar guillotine type cigar cutter that is also worth mentioning and one I recommend is the Bey Berk Stainless Steel Guillotine cutter.  A cheaper alternative without the bells and whistles. 

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