Group Typhoon Cigar Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter Review

If you are a passionate cigar smoker, you are likely to pay as much attention to the accessories as you will to the cigars themselves. These accessories could include items like cigar lighters, cigar cutters and cigar humidors.

The choices are manifold. You will need to decide between a soft flame lighter and a torch lighter. Although cigar smokers differ from each other, most of them would usually prefer a torch lighter, rather than a soft flame lighter, which is the more common choice with cigarette smokers. Cigarette lighters are simply not powerful enough to light cigars efficiently.

If you finally decide to invest in a torch lighter, you will have more options to choose from. You will need to decide whether you are looking for a single, double or triple flame lighter. You will also need to decide whether you want a cigar cutter built-in to it or not. The decisions don’t stop there.

Overview of the Prestige Import Cigar Lighter and Cutter Combo

The Prestige Import Group Typhoon Lighter is a wind resistant triple flame lighter, which is an ideal solution for a cigar smoker. With the single push of the igniter button, the potent triple laser flame will effortlessly light up your cigar in a few seconds. Ergonomically designed and purposefully affordable, the characteristics and appeal of the Prestigious Import Group Typhoon Lighter cigar lighter are unparalleled at this price point.

This butane lighter works well in all kinds of environments, whether indoor or outdoor. This feature-rich lighter is armed with an adjustable wind resistant triple flame, easy-to-use retractable cigar cutter, universal refueling valve and a protective flip top lid.

Top Features of the Prestige Import Group Typhoon Lighter

Buying a cigar lighter might seem like a simple task, but more often than not, it is quite the contrary. Choosing the right cigar lighter to suit your needs can prove to be a difficult task, considering all the different styles and manufacturers that are present in the market today. The price and appearance are usually the decisive factors when you are choosing a lighter. But, try not to ignore some other key features that are also important for the avid cigar smoker.

Placed in an attractive black case, the lighters produce a triple laser flame that is wind resistant and adjustable. For safer usage, it is not a single igniting action. There is a protective flip top lid, which must be flipped up, before the flame is ignited. The lid flips back responsively.

The lighter also has an adjustable flame height, so you can determine the strength of the wind resistant flame that you are comfortable with for your cigar. Bear in mind that the bright blue triple flame is more deceptive and stronger than it may appear, so try and be a little cautious when lighting up your cigar.

It comes with an efficient in-built cigar punch bullet cutter, tucked away at the bottom of the lighter. This cigar punch cutter folds outwards and retracts easily after use, making it one of the most convenient in-built cigar cutters available today. The universal refilling valve is designed to fit perfectly on the nozzle of a butane can, so the lighter is effortlessly easy to fill.

It has a unique and smooth exterior that ergonomically fits into your hand, when lighting your cigar. Available in black with chrome accents, the Prestige Import Group Typhoon cigar lighter is aesthetically attractive and weighs nicely in the hand.  The contemporary and compact design is laudable, in terms of its appearance and convenience.

There are a multitude of lighters available in the market today at different price points, such as the Triple Flame Cigar Light by Scorch Torch. Cigars themselves can prove to be quite an expensive proposition, so if you consider cigar smoking to be a serious hobby and are looking for accessories that are reasonable, reliable and durable, the Prestige Import Group Typhoon Lighter is a top option. All in all, Prestige Import Group Typhoon butane lighter is one of the best choices for those who are looking for affordable cigar lighters that pack a flaming punch.

If you have a separate lighter and are just looking for a cutter to saw through the opening of your thick cigars, the Xikar’s are worth taking a look at. a stainless steel and aluminum item with durability to last you through the years.