COHIBA AccuCut Guillotine Cigar Cutter Review

Cohiba is perhaps one of the most renowned names in the cigar and cigar accessories industry. Without even questioning a Cohibaamazonbutton product, most customers are known to blindly accept the brand, given the level of trust that it has gained over the years and the global reputation of quality that it has developed from the time of its inception.

Features of the AccuCut Guillotine Cutter by Cohiba

The Cohiba AccuCut is among the finest cigar cutters on the market. This stainless steel cigar cutter possesses a series of unique features that makes it undoubtedly a number one choice for cigar enthusiasts in search of a top quality cutter. It is ingeniously crafted with a guillotine-style design, with surgical grade stainless steel blades that are guaranteed to produce a clean, single cut with minimal effort. This guillotine cigar cutter sports a very attractive look, which complements its heavy duty performance. The overall structure of this Cohiba cigar cutter is extremely robust, allowing it to withstand the constant wear and tear of use. It has a solid feel that gives the reassurance of quality without compromise.

The Cohiba AccuCut comes designed with a pre-set dept. This feature ensures that all of your cigar heads are cut at the same depth, thereby ensuring that just the right amount of tobacco is removed. To execute a perfect cut, the cigar head is simply inserted at the open end of the guillotine cigar cutter; the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand is then inserted in the rings that have been ergonomically designed for comfort.

With a sharp, confident and single squeeze, the head of the cigar is neatly severed by the surgical grade blades, leaving behind an evenly trimmed stump. Apart from providing a constant depth with every cut, the closed-front design makes cigar cutting a lot cleaner and safer, since the head of the cigar remains trapped on the inside of the cutter until they are disposed, instead of accidentally flying off as in the case of open sided cutters.

Affordability is another reason why most customers turn to Cohiba. Without sacrificing quality, the Cohiba AccuCut is extremely affordable. This provides a gateway for customers to enjoy and own a luxurious brand without the usual expense. In fact, many customers who have finally turned to the Cohiba cigar cutter as their ultimate choice, have now realized that many other regular brands sell their cutters at a ridiculously higher price that never matches the quality of the cutter, while on the other hand, Cohiba does quite the opposite!  In addition, the Cohiba cigar cutter is uniquely designed with the world renowned logo of “Cohiba” visibly represented on the backing of the cutter along with the  “La Havana, Cuba” text accompanying the logo.

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Many satisfied customers have also weighed in on the effectiveness and reliability of this guillotine cigar cutter. For those who really love their stogies with a reasonable opening at the stump and an adequate pull on the cigar, they eventually turn to the Cohiba AccuCut.  Although most customers believe that this guillotine cutter is designed only for larger heads, others have boasted great results with even cone tip cigars, claiming that they achieve a similar clean cut with just the right depth, as with any other types of cigars. Not to mention, the diameter of the opening where the head is inserted is adequately sized to accommodate virtually all types of cigar sizes.

Quick Tips to Make a Decent Cut with Your Cohiba

It’s important to note that most amateur users of cigar cutters may attempt to use their cutter without even understanding how to get the best out of it. The result of this is sometimes frustrating and can ruin a highly prized cigar.  The incorrect use of the cutter can also result in its damage – another frustrating issue that may even lead a user to give a poor review of the product.

To avoid all of these down falls, users must ensure that the blades are in contact with the cigar head before squeezing. This will serve to keep the head firmly in place and to produce an even cut. The next important issue is that users should make a firm squeeze, with consistent pressure until the entire cigar head is severed.

For other recommended guillotine cutters on the market, we recommend the Bey Berk Stainless Steel model, another high quality guillotine style that will meet your requirements.