Review of Colibri V-Cut Cutter

The Colibri cigar cutter is a uniquely designed to create the perfect cut on the virtually any cigar head. Although the amazonbuttonV-cut style has been around for a while, lately they have gained serious popularity. The V cigar cutter is widely known for its efficiency and reliability, since it delivers a single sharp cut with very little effort. The cutter carves a clean vertical wedge into the head of your cigar, providing sufficient size for enjoying a decent draw. There are quite a few features that make the Colibri cigar cutter stand out among other regular cigar cutters out there. Let’s look.

Features of the Colibri Cigar V-Cutter

The following are a few aspects that ensure customers prefer this V cigar cutter over others in its class:

  • Spring loaded release

The Colibri cigar cutter features an amazing inbuilt spring loaded release mechanism that facilitates ease of cigar head removal following a sharp incision in the tobacco. This ergonomic design makes it easier to separate the wedge from the rest of the cigar without ruining it. In addition, this detail adds a touch of automation and luxury to the cutter that will turn heads with every use. This particular feature is perfect for cigar enthusiasts who prefer a contemporary cutter that would do a good job, while creating a great impression.

  •  Superior finish

More than just the looks, a good cutter must be able to withstand the constant wear and tear of preparing a cigar for smoking. The Colibri V cutter sports a very durable body that will maintain its dimensions without bending or breaking. Customers can safely apply the necessary “squeezing” force knowing that the V cigar cutter will not give in while under stress.

  • Top quality blades

Surgical grade stainless steel blades are undeniably some of the best blades that money can buy. Thanks to the manufacturers of the Colibri cutter, customers can rely on the cutting effect of its stainless steel blades. Not to mention, these blades are known for being rust free, and their overall design allows them to maintain their shine and sharpness. You can expect these blades to work for you for a pretty long time. Another top notch stainless steel model is the guillotine cigar cutter by Bey Berk. Not exactly a V-cutter, but an excellent choice nonetheless.

  • Large cigar head opening

The Colibri V cutter accommodates virtually any type and size of cigar, making it ideal for all cigar connoisseurs and enthusiasts. This cutter supports up to 60+ ring gauge cigars, as well as other special cigar heads such as the torpedo. Having a decent cigar cutter that coincides fully with the label of “one size fits all” is nothing short of perfection!

  • Characteristic V-cut

As mentioned earlier, the V-cut is actually a wedge of tobacco that is removed from the top without altering the overall shape of the head. This feature is guaranteed by the presence of an angle that is established between both blades of the cutter. This V-cut allows for minimal tobacco removal and loss, while providing a relatively smooth cigar head for maximum smoking pleasure. In addition to this, the inward style of the wedge prevents loose tobacco ends from undesirably entering your mouth and at the same time, creates enough room for taking a good draw confidently.

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  • Other Amenities

The V cigar cutter is backed by a two – year seal of warranty. This amazing offer gives us an idea as to the level of confidence that the manufacturers of this state of the art product attribute to its durability. Cigar enthusiast can safely use their V cutter, knowing that it will not fall apart on them. Another big amenity is that the Colibri V-cut cigar cutter comes readily available with its own gift box. This makes it easier to surprise a fellow colleague with the gift of a life time. The price range of the Colibri cigar cutter is extremely reasonable, given its multiple features and benefits. This is definitely an offer that you would not want to miss out on.

Additionally, this cutter doesn’t just come in one color. Nope. You can elect to get this in red, blue, chrome, gold and more outstanding colors to match your preference.

COHIBA AccuCut Guillotine Cigar Cutter Review

Cohiba is perhaps one of the most renowned names in the cigar and cigar accessories industry. Without even questioning a Cohibaamazonbutton product, most customers are known to blindly accept the brand, given the level of trust that it has gained over the years and the global reputation of quality that it has developed from the time of its inception.

Features of the AccuCut Guillotine Cutter by Cohiba

The Cohiba AccuCut is among the finest cigar cutters on the market. This stainless steel cigar cutter possesses a series of unique features that makes it undoubtedly a number one choice for cigar enthusiasts in search of a top quality cutter. It is ingeniously crafted with a guillotine-style design, with surgical grade stainless steel blades that are guaranteed to produce a clean, single cut with minimal effort. This guillotine cigar cutter sports a very attractive look, which complements its heavy duty performance. The overall structure of this Cohiba cigar cutter is extremely robust, allowing it to withstand the constant wear and tear of use. It has a solid feel that gives the reassurance of quality without compromise.

The Cohiba AccuCut comes designed with a pre-set dept. This feature ensures that all of your cigar heads are cut at the same depth, thereby ensuring that just the right amount of tobacco is removed. To execute a perfect cut, the cigar head is simply inserted at the open end of the guillotine cigar cutter; the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand is then inserted in the rings that have been ergonomically designed for comfort.

With a sharp, confident and single squeeze, the head of the cigar is neatly severed by the surgical grade blades, leaving behind an evenly trimmed stump. Apart from providing a constant depth with every cut, the closed-front design makes cigar cutting a lot cleaner and safer, since the head of the cigar remains trapped on the inside of the cutter until they are disposed, instead of accidentally flying off as in the case of open sided cutters.

Affordability is another reason why most customers turn to Cohiba. Without sacrificing quality, the Cohiba AccuCut is extremely affordable. This provides a gateway for customers to enjoy and own a luxurious brand without the usual expense. In fact, many customers who have finally turned to the Cohiba cigar cutter as their ultimate choice, have now realized that many other regular brands sell their cutters at a ridiculously higher price that never matches the quality of the cutter, while on the other hand, Cohiba does quite the opposite!  In addition, the Cohiba cigar cutter is uniquely designed with the world renowned logo of “Cohiba” visibly represented on the backing of the cutter along with the  “La Havana, Cuba” text accompanying the logo.

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Many satisfied customers have also weighed in on the effectiveness and reliability of this guillotine cigar cutter. For those who really love their stogies with a reasonable opening at the stump and an adequate pull on the cigar, they eventually turn to the Cohiba AccuCut.  Although most customers believe that this guillotine cutter is designed only for larger heads, others have boasted great results with even cone tip cigars, claiming that they achieve a similar clean cut with just the right depth, as with any other types of cigars. Not to mention, the diameter of the opening where the head is inserted is adequately sized to accommodate virtually all types of cigar sizes.

Quick Tips to Make a Decent Cut with Your Cohiba

It’s important to note that most amateur users of cigar cutters may attempt to use their cutter without even understanding how to get the best out of it. The result of this is sometimes frustrating and can ruin a highly prized cigar.  The incorrect use of the cutter can also result in its damage – another frustrating issue that may even lead a user to give a poor review of the product.

To avoid all of these down falls, users must ensure that the blades are in contact with the cigar head before squeezing. This will serve to keep the head firmly in place and to produce an even cut. The next important issue is that users should make a firm squeeze, with consistent pressure until the entire cigar head is severed.

For other recommended guillotine cutters on the market, we recommend the Bey Berk Stainless Steel model, another high quality guillotine style that will meet your requirements.

Review of Large TableTop Quad Guillotine and V Cut Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter is the device that is designed to cut one end off a cigar in order to enable the smoker to smoke the cigaramazonbutton properly. Some cigars are available with proper cuts on both ends or they are twirled at both ends, but in most of the cases the cigars have one end with a straight cut and the other end consists of a cap that needs to be cut off before smoking. All high quality cigars are handmade and regardless of the shape, they have a cap at one end.

These caps are usually one or more pieces of wrapper that is pasted at the end of the cigar with the help of natural tobacco paste or with a simple mixture of flour and water. The capped end of the cigar is rounded and the tobacco is not exposed. This end needs to be cut before smoking. It may seem that this capped end can be easily cut with the help of a knife, but it is not that easy and simple. If the cut is not made with care, the end of the cigar may become jagged and the end will not burn properly and some amount of tobacco will be wasted.

There are three basic types of cigar cutters available. The guillotine cutter, the punch cutter and the V cut cutter. The guillotine cutter often comes with double blade and is much preferred by passionate cigar smokers as it provides with cleaner cuts as compared to the single blade device.

If you are passionate about cigars, it is obvious that you will look for a cutter that can provide you with more features and are of great quality. Here is one such cigar cutter by CigarExtras that will provide you with what you are looking for.

Top Features of the Quad Guillotine & V Cut Cigar Cutter

The Guillotine & V Cut Cigar Cutter is a unique cigar cutter that is the combination of the two types of cutters. One is the guillotine or the straight cut cutter, which is the most common type and it is used for the cigars having smaller ring gauge. This type of cutter makes a quick and straight cut and makes both the ends of the cigar exposed. The other one is the V cut cutter, which looks like the guillotine cutter but actually makes a wedge like cut in the cigar cap instead of removing the cap completely. This type of cutter penetrates deep into the tobacco as compared to the straight cutter. It is best suited for the cigars with thicker gauge. The cheap V cutters however give sloppy cuts and finally results in uneven burning of the cigar, but the cutter in this device is of high quality and provides with smooth cuts.

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For a standard guillotine cut with the dual action options, elect for the Bey Berk Stainless Steel option.

The device is built of heavy cast aluminium and has four holes to cut the cigars. There are two guillotine cutters and two V cutters (each in 54 size gauge and extra large size) to fit the smaller as well as bigger ring size of the cigars. The levers are detachable and they cut the cigars with simple downward push. There is a removable door at the bottom of the unit to remove the clippings of the cigars.  The table top cutter measures 4.25”X6”X3.5”.

This cutter is extremely durable and the blades hardly need to be replaced or repaired, even when it is used in cigar shops. It is really sturdy and very easy to clean. The stainless steel body of the device makes the cutter damage proof. The classy look of the cutter is very popular among users and every cigar smoker wants to own this particular cutter. The real trouble is that the cutter is not readily available in the market and in most of the cigar shops you will find “in use” cutter which are not for sale. This cutter is on the expensive side but with an abundance of features and an easy-to-use lever, you can’t go wrong.

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter Review

For a lot of people, a cigarette lighter is one of the most important devices to have around. It’s a must-have for amazonbuttonsmokers, whether one is into cigarettes, cigars, or other tobacco products. And pipe smokers need it too.

With a good lighter, instant fire can be created anytime, anywhere; and you need this if you’re a smoker. You also need something that you can rely on even if you have to light cigars and cigarettes outdoors with strong winds.

Considering all these things, we can say that choosing a lighter is not an easy task. You want something that’s not only useful but reliable too. If your lighter fails when you need flame or fire, then it’s really useless and worthless.

And how important is its appearance? If you’re going to bring it along with you to social functions where you’ll need to light up your expensive cigars, you surely want to get one that has an elegant and classy look. So as you can see, choosing and getting a lighter ought to be done thoughtfully. And we have considered all those things when we looked into the Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment.

Top Features of the Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment

This model of lighter has a lot of neat features that smokers will surely fall in love with it. First of all, it comes with a three-flame feature. So those who want to upgrade from a single flame lighter will really like it.

For cigar smokers, this is the best lighter to have too, as it comes with a cigar punch attachment. So if you are into using a cigar punch when cutting your cigars, you only need to bring this cigarette lighter with you instead of carrying a cigar cutter too.

If you are a serious owner of cigarette lighter, you would surely prefer owning a refillable type instead of a disposable unit. Disposable lighters may seem cheap; but if you really think about it, it’s not very economical to keep on buying lighters every time it runs out of fuel.

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Since the Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Lighter is refillable, it’s really very economical and practical as you simply need to refill it when it runs out of fuel. Just get a can of butane and you just need to stick its nozzle on the butane hole on your lighter to fill it up.

Follow the instructions on the accompanying manual on how you can bleed out the air bubbles inside the lighter’s tank so you can efficiently fill it up with butane. If you skip this procedure, you will find that your lighter will easily run out of fuel and frequent refills are needed, which can prove to be troublesome and time consuming.

Another great feature is the lighter’s adjustable flame. Since you can control the size of the flame, you can customize it according to your needs. It can therefore be adjusted to light up cigars, cigarettes, or any tobacco products as needed. Note, however, that large flames also consume more fuel; therefore, it can reduce fuel life by up to 50%.

Likewise, playing with the lighter also has the same effect. But when used just for the purpose of lighting cigars and cigarettes, it can be used for about 10 lights in a day. So if you and/or your friends are smoking more than 10 cigarettes or cigars per day, it would be advisable to have a can of butane accessible.

And here’s the best part (yes, we saved the best feature for last). This model of lighter is designed to have steady flames even if exposed to strong winds. So you can use it outdoors and in any weather condition for that matter. Not all lighters carry this feature, so it’s really a lifesaver for a lot of smokers. Even your companions will appreciate the fact that you have a lighter that can be used in windy conditions.

The Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Lighter is really a nice and cool product; and it’s very VERY affordable too, as it only costs around $10 when purchased online. And since it has a sturdy construction, good size, and manageable weight, it’s really reliable and easy to use. Don’t forget, it has 3 flames; so it produces 3 times the heat too. It’s the perfect companion for your cigars and cigarettes.

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If you’re just looking for a straight cigar cutter and are willing to pass on the jet flame lighter, the Xikar models we previewed here are more than capable of giving you an even and reliable cut.

Palio Cigar Cutter Review

All serious cigar smokers know the importance of having the best cigar cutter they can find and afford as cigars need amazonbuttonto be prepared in such a way in order to be enjoyed to its fullest. And this is especially true for the finest brands and varieties of cigars as a precise cut will ensure that none of its tobacco fillings are loosened up and wasted in the process of cutting. An accurate cut also results in even burning which is one of the main attributes that can make smoking a cigar truly enjoyable and pleasing. Furthermore, the whole process of cutting a cigar shouldn’t be awkward and uncomfortable on one’s hand.

Taking all the aforementioned conditions into consideration, cigar connoisseurs ought to seriously look into the Palio cigar cutter which is one of the highly rated products today. This model is not only stylishly designed to impress the user and one’s companions and friends, but it is also very useful in allowing a cigar smoker to enjoy each and every smoke throughout the day.

You can use this model of guillotine cigar cutter from Palio again and again confidently as it is designed for heavy and repeated use. And anyone who has owned a variety of cigar cutters is well aware of the fact that we can’t say that about every product on the market, especially those that are cheaply made. We also know how disappointing and annoying it is to fumble with a cutter that’s equipped with blunt blades and uncomfortable handle. In fact, it can be considered a waste of money to purchase this type of cigar accessory if you can only use it for a while.

Top Features of the Palio Cigar Cutter

True to its reputation, this model of cigar cutter from Palio is not only useful but presentable too. It comes with a 2-blade design which offers a cleaner cut when compared to the 1-blade models; and the blades are made from sharp and durable surgical steel. In order to use it, you only need to squeeze on it briefly to remove the cigar’s cap accurately.

And since it is ergonomically designed, it’s easy on the hand and easy to control too. It won’t mess up your precious cigar or let the filling loose which can be experienced from cigar cutters with blunt blades and inefficient designs. The cigar can therefore be smoked properly as a precise cut also means even burning.

–>Click Here for Current Pricing and Reviews on Palio Cigar Cutter on Amazon

This Palio Cigar Cutter also has a large opening slot; so you can also use it for cigars that carry 60 size rings. So as you can see, you can depend on this one device for a variety of cigars. And as for its appearance, it looks quite sophisticated; so not only new cigar smokers can be proud of it, but cigar aficionados will be glad to add it to their collection of cigar accessories as well.

Presented in different types of finishes, you can choose the one that’s most suitable to your style and personality. Those that come in carbon fiber design and wood grain finishes definitely look good; but note that said designs can begin to wear off after constant use, as experienced by some users. It is therefore more practical to own the model with the basic black hard plastic design as it proves to be the most durable in the long run.

It is not surprising that this device is considered to be the more advanced cigar cutters by a lot of cigar connoisseurs. Best used on round types of cigars and for straight cutting such cigars, it will always be a reliable companion to cigar smokers.

If you are particular about warranties, the Palio Company can also be depended on as far as accommodating their customers. Authorized Palio product dealers entertain replacement of defective units as long as these are within the bounds of the existing contract.

Typically priced under $45, cigar fanatics will surely find this product to be a worthwhile investment. The Palio Cigar Cutter even works as a cigar stand when placed on a flat and smooth surface; so its dual-purpose design is an added bonus. A similar guillotine type cigar cutter that is also worth mentioning and one I recommend is the Bey Berk Stainless Steel Guillotine cutter.  A cheaper alternative without the bells and whistles. 

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Review of Cuban Crafters Cigar Cutter Perfecto

Preparing to enjoy a really good cigar can be a bit frustrating without the right accessories. Gone are the days whenamazonbutton you would be otherwise forced to bite off the head of your cigar before you could light it up!  Thanks to the manufacturers of cigar cutters, you can now sit down and relax, with a great and superior tasting cigar, without the hassle and the mess of removing the head. But, before anything else, you would want to ensure that your cigar cutter can really do the job of producing a decent cut that is good enough, without sacrificing too much of your cigar.

The solution to all of the worries has been provided by Cuban Crafters. These manufacturers have spent a great deal of time and research in order to develop what is now considered by hundreds of satisfied customers as the best cigar cutter of all time. Naturally, one may wonder, “What makes Cuban Crafters cigar cutter so unique?” The answer to this lies in the unique design and the vast number of features that can be explored in a single Stainless Steel Perfecto Cigar Cutter.

Evaluating the Qualities of the Perfecto Cuban Crafters Cigar Cutter

The Cuban Crafters Perfecto Cigar Cutter is crafted with precision to ensure that just the right amount of tobacco is cut from the head of the cigar. This feature is of extreme importance, since it helps to maintain overall consistency of cigar length, and does not “rob” you of a good smoke. This precision is guaranteed by the presence of a calibrated chamber into which the cigar head is inserted.

At the same time, the chamber serves as a storage compartment for the cut-off tobacco, allowing you to dispose of the same on opening the cutter. For cigar smokers, this feature is a big deal because, unlike other cigar cutter models, the Perfecto cutter prevents the cut-off tobacco from flying off in any direction like a champagne cork!

The double blade on the Cuban Crafters cigar cutter is crafted from surgical grade stainless steel that boosts its durability and performance and prevents the development of rust. In addition to this feature, the blades are designed to sharpen themselves with use, thereby creating a sharp and neat cut with every initial attempt. The chamber opening and the double blade are designed to accommodate cigar ring gauges of up to 54.

–> Click Here for Reviews and Pricing On Cuban Crafters Perfecto Cigar Cutter on Amazon

This simply means that whether your cigar is small, average sized or large, the Cuban Crafters cigar cutter will do the job for you.  As we all know, cigars come in various shapes; we may be quite familiar with the figurado and the torpedo shaped cigars that may offer a bit more difficulty for cutting – well, guess what? Cuban Crafters got these covered too; the calibrated chamber is designed to accommodate these cigar heads and to ensure that they are neatly cut.

The overall body of the cigar cutter is made with brushed stainless steel guaranteeing robustness and durability. The Cuban Crafters cigar cutter ships in an attractively packed box and makes an ideal accessory gift for cigar connoisseurs. With so many features built into a 2.4 ounces cigar cutter, anyone would expect the price tag to soar high. On the contrary, this product sells at a very modest price range.

Added to its low cost and for a limited time only, this cigar cutter is listed at a discounted price, giving all customers the chance to sample quality for less. Be sure to take full advantage of this exceptional pricing because you never know when they’ll be snatched up for good. You really don’t want to miss out on this one. We’d put this up against the Xikar cutters any day of the week.

Review of Stainless Steel Guillotine Cigar Cutter by Bey Berk

If the most enjoyable moments of your busy days are those where you can just sit and relax with a cigar, well, this is amazonbuttonthe answer to all your prayers. It is highly noticeable that the process of enjoying a cigar needs more than just your desire to smoke. For the perfect smoking experience, you need to know about cutting the cigar properly, and that can be hard work if you do not have the appropriate tool.

We do not want to spoil the pleasure of smoking a cigar through a bad cut, which happens very often especially if you are not careful, so we are always seeking perfection in the process. We find different products which sometimes do not meet our expectations; however the customer is always right, and that’s why we want to help you choose the best product.

All we know is that cutting a cigar could be the most important part of the preparation for your deserved relaxation moment. Similarly, we know that everyone always wants more for less, as it is a philosophy of life, and always looking for the best quality at the lowest price. I know it is not an easy task to find the best product in the market, but that’s when the Guillotine Cigar Cutter by Bey-Berk jumps into our lives.

Top Features of the Guillotine Cigar Cutter

With a simple and elegant design, it is one of the best cigar cutters in the market for the price. It is a useful tool if you want to enjoy your cigar, and to make sure the cut is in the right place.

With dimensions of 3.75 x 1.50 x 0.25 inches, it is very easy to carry at all times, and can fit into the pocket or a box with ease. Moreover, it is the perfect gift for those in your friends and family who love a good cigar cut, because this wonderful product comes in a blue gift box. In addition to being a stylish item, the Guillotine Cigar Cutter is incredibly light-weight as well.

It is a perfectly sized product, as the center ring is about 1 inch in diameter, meaning you can cut a cigar of almost every size. It is fabricated with stainless steel, in addition to being tarnish proof, giving it a sleek look along with being very comfortable and easy to use. Thanks to the stainless steel, the double blade does the perfect job, cutting your cigar like a piece of butter, with a soft, clean and quick cut. Make sure you keep the blades clean to make all the cuts as good as the first one.

–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Bey Berk Guillotine Cigar Cutter on Amazon

Money and time are important things, so do not waste your time with cheap products that never work or are not good enough. If you are looking for a high quality product with a great price, you only need the Guillotine Cigar Cutter as it is one of the best cigar cutters available at the price.

Some people might say it has a few issues, but it still is one of the best cutters on the market. Maybe it is not going to produce better results than those ultra-expensive cutters that cost much more, Guillotine Cigar Cutter is still a very capable and quality cigar cutter at a highly competitive price at under $10. The comfort of a small and useful tool for our cigar, and the ability to make a clean cut in the right place, could be one of the most enjoyable experiences of our daily life. Always remember… the best things in life are the simple things.

In the same price category is the True Meco cigar cutter, a high quality double-sided cutter.

Review of the Titanium Xikar Xi1 Cigar Cutter

Finding a really good cigar cutter can be much of a hassle, since there are tons of models and brands out there. amazonbuttonNevertheless, there is always a series of factors that can help you determine which one is best for you. The following guidelines will help you save a great deal of time and money and would allow you to select the best cigar cutter from the various brands currently available on the market. We’ll then touch on the 3 Xikar model cutters that have made a name for themselves as some of the top cutters to buy.

What to Look For In a Good Cigar Cutter

Durability: first and foremost customers seek a product that is going to last for as long as possible. After all, no one likes to spend extra on the same product over and over again. A good cigar cutter must be made from the finest quality of robust materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum. Such materials are corrosion resistant and they stand up to the wear and tear of constant use. Likewise, the blades must be made of top quality stainless steel that would allow them to retain their shiny appearance and, above all, their sharpness.

Ergonomics: designing a product that would work in accordance with normal body postures and movements is the ideal situation. The same goes for cigar cutters. Many customers usually complain that the thumb and finger rings of regular cutters are sometimes so sharp that they get injured trying to clip the cigar head. Better designs have been incorporated into some of the best cigar cutter models, with ring-less styles that eliminate the need for finger and thumb insertion.

–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Xikar X1 Cigar Cutter on Amazon

Cost: this factor is yet another serious determinant when searching for a good cigar cutter. Unlike the lame belief that “if it cost more it’s better”, finding a decent cigar cutter should not mean paying extra. Be sure to compare the price range of similar products and the reviews given by customers before running off to spend more than you really should.

Size: most cigar smokers would tell you that they prefer a cigar cutter that fits neatly in their pocket and can be carried along with ease. The reality is that smaller and more compact cutters are somewhat more practical. Nevertheless, their size should never compromise their ability to cut cigars of different sizes. The ideal cutter should be compact enough to carry around, yet large enough to cut cigars of greater caliber.

What Type of Cigar Cutter Fits Such a Profile?

The Xikar cigar cutter is one of the few cutters that fit this profile of being a prototype. Its unique design and shape favor an ergonomic approach, allowing customers to cut their cigar heads without injuring their fingers. In addition, the Xikar cutter features a pair of surgical grade stainless steel blades that are mounted in such a manner that they produce a neat, sharp cut without bending your cigar. The close proximity of both blades further adds to this function. The body of the Xikar Xi1 cutter is crafted from top quality aluminum coated with titanium colored covering. This feature guarantees robustness and longevity of the cutter, providing an opportunity to use and reuse this cutter for a very long time.

While the Xi1 cutter has been on the market the longest and has the highest customer feedback, there are newer versions of the Xikar that are starting to gain some momentum and popularity in households.

The Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter has a granite finish and contains over 400 stainless steel blades that will cut a 58 ring gauge cigar. It’s a very attractive and professional looking Xikar cigar cutter that should be carefully considered.

The Xikar  Xi3 Cigar Cutter is the most recent Xikar cutter available and is a step up from the Xi1 and Xi2. While carrying a steeper price tag, this one is outlined with redwood and contains polished stainless steel. It’s a double guillotine that promises to make a reliable and accurate cut every time.

Hundreds of customers have expressed their satisfaction after purchasing and using this the Xikar cutters product line. Some have even gone as far as to test out its durability in adverse conditions, and the results have been totally positive. Not only is this cutter reliable, but the price range is just right. Customers can now save big by taking full advantage of the current discounts available during this limited sales promotion period. 

–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter on Amazon

Group Typhoon Cigar Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter Review

If you are a passionate cigar smoker, you are likely to pay as much attention to the accessories as you will to the cigars themselves. These accessories could include items like cigar lighters, cigar cutters and cigar humidors.

The choices are manifold. You will need to decide between a soft flame lighter and a torch lighter. Although cigar smokers differ from each other, most of them would usually prefer a torch lighter, rather than a soft flame lighter, which is the more common choice with cigarette smokers. Cigarette lighters are simply not powerful enough to light cigars efficiently.

If you finally decide to invest in a torch lighter, you will have more options to choose from. You will need to decide whether you are looking for a single, double or triple flame lighter. You will also need to decide whether you want a cigar cutter built-in to it or not. The decisions don’t stop there.

Overview of the Prestige Import Cigar Lighter and Cutter Combo

The Prestige Import Group Typhoon Lighter is a wind resistant triple flame lighter, which is an ideal solution for a cigar smoker. With the single push of the igniter button, the potent triple laser flame will effortlessly light up your cigar in a few seconds. Ergonomically designed and purposefully affordable, the characteristics and appeal of the Prestigious Import Group Typhoon Lighter cigar lighter are unparalleled at this price point.

This butane lighter works well in all kinds of environments, whether indoor or outdoor. This feature-rich lighter is armed with an adjustable wind resistant triple flame, easy-to-use retractable cigar cutter, universal refueling valve and a protective flip top lid.

Top Features of the Prestige Import Group Typhoon Lighter

Buying a cigar lighter might seem like a simple task, but more often than not, it is quite the contrary. Choosing the right cigar lighter to suit your needs can prove to be a difficult task, considering all the different styles and manufacturers that are present in the market today. The price and appearance are usually the decisive factors when you are choosing a lighter. But, try not to ignore some other key features that are also important for the avid cigar smoker.

Placed in an attractive black case, the lighters produce a triple laser flame that is wind resistant and adjustable. For safer usage, it is not a single igniting action. There is a protective flip top lid, which must be flipped up, before the flame is ignited. The lid flips back responsively.

The lighter also has an adjustable flame height, so you can determine the strength of the wind resistant flame that you are comfortable with for your cigar. Bear in mind that the bright blue triple flame is more deceptive and stronger than it may appear, so try and be a little cautious when lighting up your cigar.

It comes with an efficient in-built cigar punch bullet cutter, tucked away at the bottom of the lighter. This cigar punch cutter folds outwards and retracts easily after use, making it one of the most convenient in-built cigar cutters available today. The universal refilling valve is designed to fit perfectly on the nozzle of a butane can, so the lighter is effortlessly easy to fill.

It has a unique and smooth exterior that ergonomically fits into your hand, when lighting your cigar. Available in black with chrome accents, the Prestige Import Group Typhoon cigar lighter is aesthetically attractive and weighs nicely in the hand.  The contemporary and compact design is laudable, in terms of its appearance and convenience.

There are a multitude of lighters available in the market today at different price points, such as the Triple Flame Cigar Light by Scorch Torch. Cigars themselves can prove to be quite an expensive proposition, so if you consider cigar smoking to be a serious hobby and are looking for accessories that are reasonable, reliable and durable, the Prestige Import Group Typhoon Lighter is a top option. All in all, Prestige Import Group Typhoon butane lighter is one of the best choices for those who are looking for affordable cigar lighters that pack a flaming punch.

If you have a separate lighter and are just looking for a cutter to saw through the opening of your thick cigars, the Xikar’s are worth taking a look at. a stainless steel and aluminum item with durability to last you through the years.

Review of Meco True Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

If you are a passionate smoker or just enjoy smoking cigars from time to time, you have probably realized that cigars
require more than just a lighter. Therefore, an appropriate tool, that is, a good cigar cutter is practically a must-have. Why is that? Let’s say you are not too eager to know why cigars are commonly called Cubans, although they do not actually originate from Cuba, or why “Close, but no cigar” phrase used to be popular in the early 20th century. What you really want to know is how to get the most out of your cigar, and, accordingly, cutting it properly would be the most important part of the process.

To be honest, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist when it comes to cutting a cigar, but surely you will need some basic skills to give your cigar a clean cut. You certainly do not want to cut the head of a cigar by biting it with your teeth, and it should be the last resort for doing it. If you don’t cut the cigar where it is supposed to be cut, your wrapper will eventually unravel and this could actually damage your cigar. Not to mention it will certainly ruin your moments of relaxation and enjoyment. So basically, cutting a cigar the right way is a very important part of the process.

Choosing the best cigar cutter is a very important decision for smokers, indeed. There are many good cigar cutters available in the market, but all of these are not necessarily budget friendly at the same time, whereas the cheaper cigar cutters lack the quality for consistent and daily use. This is where MECO(TM) True Cigar Cutter comes in. It is small, valuable, high quality, and very cost effective. It could be exactly what you are looking for.

Expectations From the MECO(TM) True Cigar Cutter

This True cigar cutter is made of a high quality brushed stainless steel. When you pick it up for the first time, you can feel its weight in your hand as it is very solid and durable. Keep it clean, and it should serve you well for years.

It is a double-sided cutter, and both sides slice with a razor to make a smooth and precise cut. Freely use this cutter for months as it will always make a clean and quick cut as it did on the first use. The thumb holes are nice and large, which is not irrelevant when it comes to regular use.

With dimensions of 3.2 x 0.2 x 4 inches, it is small enough to fit in your case or in your pocket, which makes it convenient to carry. It can be comfortably used to cut cigars with a diameter size of 52 ring gauge. One of its added benefits is that it fits quite nicely in the humidor as well.

Your money is valuable, so do not waste it on cigar cutters that are not good enough. This MECO(TM) true cigar cutter is a sturdy and stylish cigar cutter at a good price. Although one might say it has a few issues, it still is one of the best cigar cutters on the market. It is as good, if not better, than cutters costing ten times more, and it is certainly much better than the cheap plastic and metal sorts you find so often. All-in-all, it is definitely more than you would expect considering the price. It will sometimes require one quick, strong movement to get satisfactory results, but, overall, you will certainly like this simple and effective cigar cutter. Choosing to buy it is definitely a worthwhile decision.

Another very affordable option is the Stainless Steel and Tarnish Proof Guillotine Cigar Cutter that cuts very evenly and can be scored for under $10.