Unveiling the Best Cigar Cutters of Today

A cigar cutter is purchased in order to ensure that the tobacco is smoked evenly and is not lost when being cut. A cigar cutter is an essential part of any cigar enthusiast’s collection.  When there is not a cutter available, people can choose to bite off the tip or to use a normal knife on the end. This is not advised because if the cut ends up being jagged, the cigar will not burn evenly. The best cigar cutter will provide an even cut to the cigar and prevents any tobacco from being wasted. It will also offer a person a smoother taste when smoking the cigar as well.

Top 6 Comparison Chart


Cuban Crafters Perfecto Cigar Cutter
Stainless Steel$

Xikar Xi1 Cigar Cutter

Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

True Cigar Cutter
Stainless Steel$

Bey Berk Guillotine Cigar Cutter
Stainless Steel$

Palio Cigar Cutter
Surgical Steel$

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Recognizing the Different Types of Cigar Cutters

There are 3 different types of cigar cutters that are available to purchase for your collection. The 3 types of cutters include guillotine, punch cut, and v cut. The guillotine cutter, also known as a straight cutter, is the most common and most preferred cigar cutting-torpedocutter. The straight cutter exposes the entire tip of the cigar and allows maximum amount of smoke to exit. The punch cut is a smaller cigar cutter and can be easily be put on a keychain for effortless travel.

This type of cutter only puts a small hole in the tip of the cigar and only allows minimal smoke to exit while in use. A v cut cigar cutter cuts a wedge into the tip of the cigar rather than a hole or completely removing the tip. A cigar v cutter is sometimes preferred over other types of cutters because it cuts deeper into the cigar. People who choose to use this type of cutter will be able to taste the tobacco more and the filler less.

Before purchasing the best cigar cutter, a person should understand the benefits of each type and determine which one will suit their needs the most. Once the right cutter has been decided on, a person should examine the cigar and detect which end needs to be cut. The proper end will be the tip that is slightly pointed or rounded on the end. If using a straight cutter, be careful not to cut past the shoulder of the cigar. The shoulder of the cigar is at the very end of the tip that you cut and can cause you to lose a good amount of tobacco if cut. Be sure to keep the cigar straight when using any type of cigar cutter.

Zeroing In On the Top 5 Cigar Cutters on the Market

Good cutter information is hard to find with a plethora of inaccurate and poor information on the web. The list we’ve provided below is tried and true with hundreds of positive combined reviews to give you confidence in your purchase. Read over our list below and get yourself a cigar cutter you can be proud of and will reliably work for you for years to come.

Top Features of the Cuban Crafters Perfecto Cigar Cutter

cuban crafters cigar cutterThis guillotine cigar cutter makes cutting a cigar an easy task to complete. The Perfecto cutter by Cuban Crafters is made out of brushed stainless steel and includes self sharpening blades. The blades sharpen themselves with each cut you make with it. The straight cutter is only 4 inches in length and 1 inch in width making it the perfect travel companion for any person who smokes on a regular basis.

A neat feature of this accessory is that it will hold the lost tobacco that is cut from the cigar until you release the chamber and empty it into the trash. This is nice because you do not have to worry about making a mess on the counter or floor when using it. It will also cut all sorts of cigar tip shapes including torpedo and figurado. If you typically buy cigars that are less than a 54 gauge, this straight cutter will be the great cigar cutter for you to add to your collection.

Top Features of the Xikar Xi1 Cigar Cutter Titanium

Xikar Xi1This sleek guillotine cutter makes the perfect gift for any cigar enthusiast. The Xi1 is made out of titanium and has a modern appearance at an affordable price. The teardrop shape of the spring loaded cutter allows a person to travel with it without being concerned about the blades being exposed. When the spring loaded latch is pushed down, the high quality stainless steel blades pop out and are ready to be used.

By placing the cigar into the cutter and pushing the blades in with your hands, the cigar will be cut perfectly each time. This straight cutter will cut a cigar that has a gauge of 54 easily. depending on how much of the tip you actually prefer to cut off, it will also cut a cigar up to a gauge of 58. Xikar offers a lifetime warranty on their products and guarantee it will give the best cut there is to offer. Read up on the Xi2 and Xi3 version of the Xikar as well.

Top Features of MECO(TM) Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel

meco cigar cutterThis is one of the most affordable cigar cutters a person can own and also comes in multi packs. It is made of brushed stainless steel and has double blades that easily cut cigars straight. This cutter does not offer all the bells and whistles that others offer but manages to remain one of the best cigar cutters on the market.

By inserting your fingers into the holes, you can adjust the hole for the cigar to be inserted. With minimal effort, completing a straight edge cut is done smoothly. By cleaning off the debris regularly, the blades on the cutter will remain sharp and last for a longer period of time. Another top feature is the size and weight of it. It can fit into any pocket, purse, or bag without any complications. A cigar lover can not go wrong with purchasing the Meco cigar cutter, and get a full review of the Meco here.

Top Features of the Guillotine Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel

bey berk guillotine 2This straight edge cutter made by Bey Berk makes cutting a cigar a breeze. With a masculine appearance of all metal parts, it offers high quality at a bargain price. Containing stainless steel blades that are tarnish proof is one of the best characteristics it offers. The blue gift box it comes in allows a person to easily give it as a gift.

The beveled edges allow the cutter to be held with ease. The rings that a person inserts their fingers into are more comfortable than other cigar cutters on the market. They are circular instead of a triangular shape. This allows the cigar enthusiast to have a more enjoyable experience when cutting their cigars. Learn more about the Guillotine cutter.

Top Features of the Palio Cigar Cutter

palio cigar cutterThe Palio straight edge cigar cutter is a stylish option when deciding on your next purchase. The twin bladed design offers blades that are made out of hardened surgical steel. The blades are meant to be used for heavy duty use and extreme cigar enthusiasts who smoke on a regular basis. The cutter opening can be opened wide enough to easily handle cigars with a gauge of 60.

Palio is known for its superior quality of their products and the excellent customer satisfaction they offer. They understand the importance of having a cigar cutter that makes a smooth cut every time. By acknowledging this idea, the Palio cigar cutter was created and has gained a reputation for being one of the best cigar cutters in the market today. You can catch up on the inner workings of this Palio in our featured review.

Decision Time

Quality cigar cutters are vital to making your cigar smoking experience a relaxing and enjoyable one. No more using your teeth or a dull, cheap option that doesn’t allow the cigar to burn evenly. Use our product reviews and recommendations to find one that means your needs day in and day out. If you have any questions about how to decide or looking for more insight, feel free to contact us today.